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Proactive counsel and vigorous representation in labor and employment matters

Our Labor and Employment Law practice thrives by understanding not just the substantive law in this field but also the business issues facing our clients. Our attorneys focus on the representation of employers in the management of their workforces, throughout the life cycle of the employer-employee relationship.

We are experienced in drafting and reviewing all manner of employment agreements and manuals. We also advise on effective policies and practices that minimize risk and accommodate the real business needs of our clients. We counsel clients on sensitive issues such as unfair competition, allegations of harassment and other unfair workplace practices, issues related to corporate governance, and interaction with unions.

When a dispute arises, whether it be an administrative charge brought before a state or federal agency or a lawsuit brought in state or federal courts, we have the experience and resources to bring it to its most expedient, cost-effective solution, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

While we primarily advocate on behalf of employers and management, our attorneys have served as neutrals in certain circumstances. When these situations arise, our focus is on bringing the matters to timely and efficient resolution. To that end, we are experienced in both arbitrations and mediations.

In every scenario, we look beyond just the immediate possible outcomes to the potential implications of those outcomes—to employees, to management, to the company’s reputation, and to the business as a whole.

Attorneys Practicing in Labor & Employment
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Employee Rights and Notification Requirements

By Julie A. Doherty (Retired)

Though an employer must be careful regarding what it says in such a handbook, handbooks are a wise practice in many respects, as they allow employers to set standards for new employees that can be used in any later conflict with those employees.